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This scene is such a kinky, fucked-up wedding I can’t even watch it without laughing.

Slade: You belong to me now, don’t you?… Will you serve me, obey me, fight at my side forever?

Like omg Slade let’s go over safe words before we start total domination.

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I actually really like the moment Terra buries the ferris wheel and Slade says, “Terra, NO!” because you can see she’s trying to delay the fight even though she knows she has to go with Slade. And it’s the single moment she completely defies Slade and he isn’t trying to manipulate her. He can’t do anything but yell at her. And he sounds pretty helpless.

Like it’s that moment where she’s making a choice and you can see just how weak Slade really is compared to her.


Like it honestly looks like no one has ever done something that thoughtful and loving for her.

Also, the moment her hair falls in her face when she says, “I don’t believe it. They actually trust me.” gets me every time. The painful symbolism. How do we know she’s not saying it to a microphone on her to Slade?

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Tara Strong just tweeted this link and it has Terra’s voice actor OMFG IM SO EXCITED

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— srsly Teen Titans fandom?
  • If you’re hating on TT Go!, don’t tag your hate
  • Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go are two completely different cartoons and don’t really follow each other’s canon not to mention they have a difference of six years and the new one is geared to the next generation
  • Also, if you are going to tag something that is old Titans, don’t tag it as Teen Titans Go. I have seen all those cosplayer photos of Terra and that’s not why I’m in that tag it has nothing to do with the new adorable cartoon
  • Omg srsly if I read another thing bitching that Terra better not be on it cause BBRae is supposed to happen, I will pull out that post and school you so hard don’t you know canons are meant for sinking ships
  • you don’t have to like the show, but at least be respectful and look like a model fan you are embarrassing the fandom with your rudeness
Anonymous asked : I'm a Teen Titans fan as well, I grew up on it. It's what made me like superheroes. But I personally think that Young Justice should have kept going, instead of being discontinued to make room for Teen Titans GO!. They stripped the characters of their character depth, and though it may be 'funny', it's not like the old Teen Titans.

Yay Teen Titans fans! 

I understand where you’re coming from, but I really feel like YJ wasn’t taken off the air because of TTG. They’re completely different shows. YJ is smart and mature and serious, and TTG is just silliness. Honestly, if it was replaced by TTG, it has to be because they wanted to aim a Saturday morning cartoon to their mainstream audience. They can probably get more viewers who are actually awake in the morning, who get the story, and who don’t find the cartoon later illegally online.

My advice for you is to never give up on YJ. Hell, I was devastated when Teen Titans was originally cancelled, but its fans remained loyal and demanding for more, which is where TTG comes into play. We have the same characters we loved, plus the audience target Cartoon Network wants. No, it’s nothing like the old Teen Titan and the characters were stripped of their advanced character development and while I miss the old Titans, I have accepted that it’s a kid cartoon and not fully geared to the teenagers like us who grew up on it.

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Teen Titans Season 2 Promo

THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this I have literally been looking for this promo again since Youtube was invented. This promo sealed just how epic the show was and how dark it could get and I loved it SO MUCH.

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