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Please note that the mental health tag may have triggering images within it regarding cutting or suicidal thoughts

1 year ago - (25)

I fucking hate depression.

Not just my depression. Everyone’s depression. I hate that it hurts people to the point that they lose all their loved ones, can’t get out of bed, and eventually try to kill themselves. I hate that it ruins lives. I hate that it can make even the smartest person turn into a brain dead mess.

I hate that society doesn’t understand depression. That people who watch their loved ones sick with it assume that they’ve gotten mean or distant, that strangers say that they’re just lazy or faking it. I hate that the health system treats them like problems instead of people.

I hate depression. I hate that all depression are neurotransmitters and chemicals malfunctioning in the brain and yet, it alters our emotional and social states in ways no other disease can.

I’m not going into being a psychotherapist because people are interesting or it makes good money (which it doesn’t). I’m going into this because I am not someone who can watch others hurt the way I have hurt. I will find ways to help change the health system and how we prevent and treat mental illness.

I fucking hate depression. And I’m going to dedicate my life to getting rid of it.

This semester my problem is that my brain is too analytic for psychoanalysis and too creative for psychiatry.

My life problem is that I need guidelines (like psychotherapy), but I want to work in more open-minded settings (like social work).

Also, I would like to publish books.

…And this is when I give up and work at Starbucks.