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Please note that the mental health tag may have triggering images within it regarding cutting or suicidal thoughts

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study scaling how “good” long-term relationships are in general in comparison to relationships where the couple lives a bdsm lifestyle.

I mean it would be interesting to look at a couple’s mutual respect or their sex life or their general happiness as a vanilla couple as opposed to a couple who live in a lifestyle that has rules devoted to consent, safety, sanity, talking things through, and general respect and understanding.

…This could actually be a really good research proposal.

— A lot of people are astonished when I say I want to go into helping transgender youth for a living.

People will ask if it’s because there is someone in my life who is transgender. Others will comment that it’s a new field, and will have a lot of open spots. But for me, it’s not really about that. I’m not close to someone who is transitioning (though I do know handfuls of people as acquaintances.) I don’t care about the job openings or the money. All I care about is helping people. 

If I had a reason for why I want to go into helping transgender youth (as a therapist), it would be that (1) I have faced some discrimination as a cisgender and (2) I think it’s my responsibility.

For those who don’t know, I’m pretty much as a girly as they get. But as someone who has identified as bi, then gay, then asexual, (then said fuck labels,) I’ve gotten all the questions under the sun about how I can be “girly” and queer. When I came out as a nontraditional sexuality, I also had to embrace my gender in order to keep my identity. I learned to take pride in my gender, despite being against most people’s perceptions of a lesbian. In that, I learned just how difficult it may to be the wrong gender, since I learned to feel so strongly about my own. I can’t imagine not being the person I want to be (I’ve been so lucky to be supported by people who love me as I am), and so I’ve wanted to help others who still struggle with the way the world perceives them.

And, unfortunately, some people going into the psychology field get corrupted by their power. They realize they have the ability to hold someone back from their true self, and may take it upon themselves to use it (either for religious or just being ignorant). When I realized I would hold this power with a license to be a therapist, I realized I needed to actually know what it was like for transgender people. I did the research, I asked around, I went to conferences and changed my mind on my perception accordingly. As a person who will be able to diagnose and lead people down which road in their life, I knew it was important for me to learn from them before they came to me. And, better yet, since it’s a new field, we don’t have enough people advocating for transgender rights left. The APA are the people who define what is “normal” and what is a mental illness. We need more people there who know what they’re talking about.

So, to the people who don’t understand why my enthusiasm in transgender help exists, there it is for you. However, I don’t really think it’s anymore than just saying, “Because I’m a person and people help others who may need it.”

"We’re gonna need to work on making access to mental health care at least as easy as access to a gun."

President Obama

It just makes me so happy to know that our President understands that this tragedy shows our need for mental health care, instead of assuming it means those with mental illnesses should be locked up.

This semester my problem is that my brain is too analytic for psychoanalysis and too creative for psychiatry.

My life problem is that I need guidelines (like psychotherapy), but I want to work in more open-minded settings (like social work).

Also, I would like to publish books.

…And this is when I give up and work at Starbucks.